I hear this all the time “I have the right to _____” We Americans LOVE to throw this around, like the entitled people that we are. And then we talk about all those poor countries who don’t have any rights. People in Afganistan would love the “right” to bear arms. People in China would love to have freedom of speech. Well I am not saying they would not love that right, but we are really comparing apples and oranges here.

The right to free speech does not mean we can just disrespect people. That we can make rude, offensive statements about people who are different from us. We are entitled to our opinions, I am sharing mine right now, but people who put burning crosses in the yards of black people or spray paint the word “retard” on the home of a child with down syndrome, say they are exercising their right to free speech.

Now, what I really want to process here is “the right to bear arms”. (the whole free speech thing was just to warm you up before I bring out my controversial topic). Do we have the right to bear arms? Because every time something bad happens and guns are involved people start going on and on about their “rights” Well good thing I have the right of free speech cause I am about to exercise it.

The “Right” to bear arms? Really? People are getting killed by guns daily. The statistics are horrifying. Research proves again and again how countries with very strict gun laws have less homocide. You see it in the news, you watched Bowling for Columbine, you know that guns are a deadly. They are a weapon. They Kill People. And I don’t want to hear that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” crap. If any of these school shooters had walked into school with a knife would they have killed 13, 17, 27 people? I am going with NO. Same with movie theaters and drive by shootings. So then you say, “People can still get guns” Yes they can, but will it be as easy? No. Will they find half a dozen guns in their parents basement that they can throw in the back seat and drive away with? Likely not. All this gun control and gun safety business. Does it make a difference? Ask any one of the people who were in that school or that movie theater, or that other school, or that other school…

Is it really worth it people? Is it really time to be political and entitled when people are being killed? When children are not safe in school? Do you really think that your shiny gun, that sits in a locked case, and gets taken out a few times a year to shoot at a target is worth what has happened?

I can hear all you ready to jump in… what if we took away your right to read books, or go on the internet, or wear pants or blah blah blah… don’t try to shift focus away, today, I am talking about guns. And rights. And you know what? I don’t think we have the “Right” I think we lost that right when we allow people to have these crazy “semi-automatic kill 20 people in a single trigger” guns. I think we lose that right when kids access these weapons when they are not legally able to buy them. I think we lose that right when our focus goes from the right of a classroom of 1st graders right to be ALIVE, than some random person’s right to bear arms.

Maybe, for a while, we can stop focusing on all of our “rights” and start focusing on taking care of each other. On making this world a safe, loving, carefree and joyful place to live. Now THAT is our RIGHT.


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