After thought

I am still reading the Cambodia book, so I keep thinking about it. And right now, the narrator, an 8 year old girl, is starving. Literally. She works hard labor from sun up to sun down and gets a half a bowl of watery rice at lunch. End of story. It occurred to me that starvation is happening all over the world today. Intense, unimaginable labor is being forced out of children every day. People are being denied access to medicine. Medicine we know exists, medicine that could cure people from Malaria. Medicine that can keep people healthy who have HIV. Today, do you know how many people went with out clean water? People that have parasites infecting their body. So they get sicker and sicker. There are child slaves, there are women being stolen and drugged and sold for sex.

Isn’t this a type of genocide? Are we not allowing people to die because they live on the wrong continent, or the wrong side of the tracks, or worship the wrong God? How are we, with our full bellies and warm houses and diplomas in liberal arts, not allowing generations of people to die? We oppress because we allow people to be oppressed. We kill because we allow people to be killed. We discriminate because we allow people to discriminate. We condemn, because we allow others to condemn.

Desmund Tutu said it best:
Please, don’t be neutral. And don’t let me be neutral either.


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