I am reading a book called “Under The Banyan”. It is about the genocide in Cambodia from 1975-1979 which resulted in the death of between 1.4 and 2.2 million people. It is commonly known as “The Killing Fields”

Earlier this year I read a the book “Sand Castle Girls” which was about the Armenian genocide during WWI in which the Ottoman Empire did it’s best to wipe out the entire Armenian race. Estimates of the death toll is between 600,000 and 1,800,000. Not everyone recognizes it as a Genocide because they can not confirm if enough people died.

I made it to 36 years old knowing nothing about either of these horrific parts of history. We think of genocide and we think of the Holocost in Germany. No one thinks of the destruction of the Native Americans (in North and South America) or the Slavery of the Africans. Spending a morning in a Castle on the Gold coast of Ghana where hundreds of thousands of African people died or waited death or were sent to die on a boat or a plantation… that is a horrific story. The beginning of a story that is often never heard.

There are groups of people in this world that feel so entitled that they justify killing, destroying, displacing, torturing other groups, races, political parities, religions, ethnicities, genders… This happened in China, in Russia, in Rwanda, in Afghanistan, in Iran and Iraq. It continues to happen in North Korea, in Israel/Palestine, in the Middle East, and all over the entire Continent of Africa. We have Darfur and Sudan and Ivory Coast and Congo…. Wikipedia lists 54 genocides between 1490 and now. They happened on every continent except Antarctica, but likely that is because there are no people there.

Genocides are mass deaths, but we also have oppression and discrimination and slavery. We have trafficking of human beings.

Evil. This is the only word I can think of This is beyond mental illness. This is beyond psychotic breakdown. This is pure evil. I am just baffled how one group of people can believe they are superior and then act in such horror. And we can turn away from it. We allow people to destroy people. Then we don’t talk about it. And we don’t learn from it.

I have no answer or no call to action or no witty summary or no inspirational quote. I just had to put it out there. To say it “out loud”. To call out evil for what it is.


2 thoughts on “Evil

  1. I would love to read this book! I have done a ton of research about the Khmer Rouge and their regime in Cambodia during this time.

    • It is a good book Jamie and I keep thinking of you b/c I know you have an interest in Cambodia. I would lend it to you but I have it downloaded on my Iphone and am listening to it. “Under The Banyan Tree” It has opened my eyes!

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