The Talk

I had “the talk” with my 10 year old the other night. No, not THAT talk, although it may have been easier… She started asking questions about Heaven, and God and “how do you know the Bible is real”. I will try to sum it up below

267638_10151242043899805_743274247_nJohanna: “Mom, do you think everyone has their own Heaven or do we share one?”
Me: “What do you think?”
Johanna: “I think we have our own. And mine is on a cruise ship. Because there is all you can eat ice cream and a pool”
Me: So what if I am in my own Heaven and I want to see you?”
Johanna: “Well, we can see each other. You can be on my cruise ship too.”
Me: “Sounds Good”
Johanna: “How do we know the Bible is real? How do we know it is not just scraps of paper people found and put into a book. Well, maybe different people did write it, and put it together, maybe that is how we know it is real.”
Me: “Well, um, yeah, that could be, um….”
Johanna: “Do you know that there was a land bridge between Alaska and Russia?”
Me: “Yes! That is something I do know”
Johanna:”Some people think that people came from animals”
Me: “That is called evolution, that is one theory and if you believe in evolution that does not mean you also can’t believe in God”
Johanna: “Well on Phineas and Ferb, Duefenshmirts saw a picture of himself as a fish, so he knew he came from a fish and he also saw himself with hair all over so he may have come from a monkey”
Me: In my head (really, how in the world does Phineas and Ferb come into this! Maybe they will also be helpful in the sex talk…)
Johanna: “How do we know God is real? How do we know God created the world?”
Me: “Well, do you know about the word faith?”
Johanna: “Fav?”
Me: “No faith”
Johanna: “Face?”
Me: “No, FAITH, like your friend Faith, it is a name too”
Johanna: “Oh, Faith, yeah, I miss her”
Me: “So faith is believing something that you can not scientifically prove is true”
Johanna: silence
Me: “Well, let me explain how I think about it. I just can not imagine how the world was created with out a God”
Johanna: “I know there was a land bring between Alaska and Russia. That is how the Native Americans got here.”
The End. I think it went well…


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