What I NEED (an Ironic statement)

I need grey shoes to match my grey pants. Black just won’t do. And thinking of shoes, I also need light brown shoes to match my light brown pants… cause dark brown shoes just don’t do it and now that I am thinking about my dark brown shoes, I do not have dark brown pants! Add those to the list.

I also think that my 30 dollar foundation is just a tad too dark for my winter complexion… I should probably get a lighter shade. And does my mascara really make my lashes look as dark and long as the advertisement? Don’t think so… I better find a new one.

And even though my maroon sweater looks nice with my mustard shirt, I really think navy would look better so I will keep an eye out. Oh, and how cute would it be to have tall black boots to wear with my black pencil skirt. I have short black boots, but tall would look better, and then I should get a pair of skinny jeans to wear with the boots as well, but also should get brown tall books to wear with skinny jeans because I have a cute sweater that would look better with brown than black and much better with skinny jeans that boot cut.

Also my bathroom towels don’t feel that soft anymore and I really liked the pillow I had at my hotel was much nicer than the four pillows I have at home so I should add that to the list.

I noticed on vacation that my camera is making a weird clicking noise so I should look for a better one. No, not my big expensive camera, just my small, easy to carry in my purse. No not my PHONE camera, my regular camera. I really like Stephanie’s, plus hers is blue and that is cute.

I have also been thinking about Christmas décor… I have had my stockings since the first year I got married. It is for sure time to upgrade. And my tree skirt, I like it, but it has a little stain on it… the presents might cover the stain, but there are not always presents under the tree…and I hate untangling those lights so I better just get new ones.

>And we have been talking about new computers for a while. Ours is dead and we can’t really afford it, but who can live without a computer these days. I know the PC’s are cheaper, but we are an APPLE family. I mean, once you have had a Mac, how can you ever go back to a PC. And I think for the girls for Christmas we want to get them each new Ipods. The ones they inherited from us are old and don’t upload all the stuff they want.

In other news, can you BELIEVE the huge house the “VA” family is building on the lake! They already have a house there, but they need a new one… How gluttonous! It just amazes me all these people who need to have bigger houses, and boats, and cars and vacations. I mean how many luxuries can one person have!!!!! It just amazes me how selfish rich people are…


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