Is “thankful” enough?

November is the month of Thanksgiving so it tends to be a time when people talk about what they are thankful for. I am all for it. There are a lot of people who are listing something they are thankful for everyday on facebook. Love it. I did not partake, for no real reason, but this morning, I thought it was time to think of somethings I was thankful for. And there are many… family, work, insurance, health, home, light, heat, food, freedom, Iphone… The list can go on an on.

But then I wondered, is being thankful enough? It almost seems like a cop-out. If we are thankful, if we admit to being blessed, then we can keep on going. At least for me, I feel like it is super easy to be thankful and to recognize my blessings, but it is not easy to bless others, and give them something to be thankful about.

Now I am going to take a bigger jump because I am just fed up. I am fed up with all of us who have everything… and we do have everything so don’t kid yourself… I know I am idealistic, but why can’t I be! I wonder why more people are NOT. I wonder why there is so much judgement and hate. Why are politicians attacking each other? Why are nations at civil war? Why are children being trafficked, sold, drugged? Why do we have enough money and resources in the world so that no person is hungry, cold or un-edcuated, yet the majority of people are… Why are we not DOING!

Why does a group fighting slavery of people in MICHIGAN have to be volunteer based, yet Proposal 6 get funding and advertising. Because in the scheme of things it is SUPER important to decide who owns a bridge. Why did, a few years ago, they Cherry farmers in Traverse City have to throw away tons of cherries since there were too many and that would throw off the price of cherry’s therefor someones profit. Give me a frickin break. And why, please tell me why, are we and other nations so worried about spending time in space and the moon and mars when we do not have our own planet together. There is NO reason, NONE, that anyone can give me that could ever explain why the moon is more important that the Earth. And the human beings that live here.

We are fighting about whether people have a right to health insurance. But the issue is not people having the right to health insurance, the real issue is money. Who is going to pay, who is going to get reimbursed. We have lost sight of what humanity is. Too many systems have been created that make it impossible to think about actual humanity. People are more worried about union bargaining that actually giving all children a good education.

We spend insane amounts of time and money making sure we have perfectly manicured lawns and then fighting about if we can manicure them on Sunday or not. We judge those who have bigger homes and take better vacations because they should be doing more to help others, yet we are doing the exact same thing.

I have $90 of make up on my face today! I have a $70 hair cut! I have an Iphone, 2 Ipads, and 3 Ipods. I have 2 rooms in my house I do not walk into for weeks at a time. I threw away 3 $4.00 apples because I forget about them in the car for a week and they got bruised and mushy.

I guess I am not feeling thankful. I am feeling angry. And I want to blame the world. I want to blame the politicians, I want to blame the filthy rich. I want to blame the businesses and corporations and for SURE the media. Oh… I really don’t like them… But really, what good is that going to do. Blame is just as passive as thankfulness.

So I need to DO. We need to DO. I can’t fix it all. I would fix it all, trust me, I think I could do it… but I know that I can’t start with it all. I have to pick ONE cause, or ONE person. I have to set ONE goal and keep going from there. I have to be idealistic and optimistic and hopeful. What the heck good does it do to be hopeless and pessimistic. We all know one of those people right? And they are never fun to be around. But we all have a bit of that.

SO here is my November challenge: Pick a cause, pick a person, pick something to DO. We are thinking VERBS here, not adjectives. Don’t be thankful about it, be an ADVOCATE about it. Be an ACTIVIST about it. Be a CHANGE MAKER, a DEFENDER, be BOLD and DETERMINED and DILIGENT and ENTHUSIASTIC and RESOURCEFUL. And don’t do one thing once. Keep doing it. Over and over. Making more and more of a difference. Every day.

I will let Helen Keller sum it all up for me:


8 thoughts on “Is “thankful” enough?

  1. Just found your blog via your guest post over at GLA and have only skimmed this first entry, but my initial reaction is Hallelujah! I love, love, love this more than I can tell you. I think & feel these things & people think I am crazy for making them think about them. I am so glad to have found your blog. I cannot wait to read more thoroughly!

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