Lines are a great way to really understand someone’s character. This past week, on vacation, I encountered a LOT of lines. Lines to get into my room at the hotel, lines to get on rides in Magic Kingdom, lines to go through security, lines to get tickets to get on the boat, lines to get kids signed up for activities, lines to get pictures taken, lines to get into restaurants, lines to go down water slides, lines to get off the boat, lines to get food, lines to get drinks, lines to get ice cream, lines to get into the parks, lines to wait on more rides, lines to get out of the park, lines to get on boats, lines to get on buses, lines to get on monorails, lines to get into gas station bathrooms. Lines.Are.Everywhere.

Usually someone freaks about before I do so I am able to see what I would look like if I had acted the same way. It is actually quite funny to see someone freak out in a line when there is absolutely nothing that can be done… Sometimes, lines are just life and with the right attitude, are really not that bad. But there were two cases where I just could not handle it.

Both had to do with change. Pennies, nickles and dimes.

Scenario 1: Disney Hollywood Studios. The Writer’s Stop Coffee Shop. One of the only places you can get a good latte (instead of Nescafe coffee, bleh) The espresso machine was NOT working. But I really wanted coffee. So I ordered a cup of coffee. Simple right? No. Coffee is poured. And coffee sits… because the couple in front of me decided to pay for their coffee with change. Which really is not a big deal. Except they could not count. I watched them make piles of 10 pennies and then move pennies from one pile to another, and then add a nickel, and then start over. And then discuss with the cashier, and then make more piles. Finally, after about 5 minutes, the correct change was decided up on and as the cashier attempted to slide all the change into her hands it all feel behind the cash register. UGH.

Scenario 2: Epcot Center. The Land. We had all gone to our various “stations” to get our food. I had a lovely tofu noodle dish. I was excited. Josh and I were balancing 2 trays. We picked a line. It was the WRONG line. This time it was a woman who was not from the US who was confused about money. The cashier happened to speak her language so he was helping her. She pulled out a WAD of big bills, but the food she was buying was not that much so he was trying to help her with smaller bills and change. I was happy about this. Truly. It was very helpful for this guy to do. He was going out of his way. As he tried to explain the change to this woman, she became more and more confused. So he started counting out pennies in Spanish to show her how it was all adding up. But then she did not have enough pennies. So then he started helping her find dimes and nickles. Again the counting began. Again, not enough change. He apologized to us. I really wanted to be patient and thankful for his generous spirit, but I bailed and moved to a new line. Which is NEVER a good choice. Because as soon as I did, the woman was handed a receipt and off she went. My new line was not moving, but I was next. So then a new line opened and the man invited me to his line. I was happy, until I realized he had about 2 minutes of set up to do before he could check me out. By the time I sat down, my tofu and noodles were cold. And I was mad, at myself, for being impatient.


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