For a moment… (Play this while reading the blog for the full experience)

This is the song I was listening to this morning that brought on this contemplative blog. It started last week Friday when I found out my uncle had died. 62 years old. Stupid. How does someone die at 62. How does such a great person die at 62. And with death comes funerals, which means reunions. I watched my parents reconnect with people they have not seen in years. I was able to connect with family members I had not seen in years. We all had something in common. This great man. We had this moment in our day when we could just stop, and be with each other. Why does it take death to bring on that moment? Doesn’t our childhood just seem like yesterday? I am always surprised at how old I am… I think I am 25 and still have all this time… “We only got 100 years to live”

As I was contemplating the shortness of life, I slowed down for a school zone and there was the bright yellow school bus, with a long line of little children walking into the school. All in their bright winter coats and back packs. Walking into a place where they will play, and learn, and become…us. We were those kids… We had dreams and hopes and joy and now we are 20 and 30 and in my case 36. 36! What happened? And I spend each day trying to catch up to myself. And I do amazing things, but I do pretty dumb things. And I take for granted. It does not matter what I do, and how impactful I can be, if I take things for granted, I am missing out on a lot. And those kids…What are we doing for them, to make sure they make ever moment precious? “I am 15 for a moment”

And if that was not enough, I got a little more inspiration by Winnie-the-Pooh.
“What day is it?” asked Pooh
“Today” squeaked Piglet
“My favorite day” said Pooh

“Another blink of an eye 67 is gone, the sun is getting high, we’re moving on, I’m 99 for a moment, dying for just another moment…”


2 thoughts on “For a moment…

  1. I was talking to Myra and Lois at the viewing and after uncle Steve’s service, two of our parents’ older cousins. At first they seemed like gray haired ladies of no consequence. But they remembered me and the kids visiting grandma Brower at the home. They said their mom was Aunt Helene. Suddenly I remembered the connection and they became much more important to me! They are related to us the same as Steve, second cousins. I’ll be looking for them at the next family event and hopefully I will remember their names. It is great to be remembered, to count as part of the family and I’m glad they pursued me until I remembered the connection.

  2. Great blog, and it brought tears to my eyes. I wish that I could have been there for the funeral, and to reconnect with all of you.

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