Weddings and Winning

We arrived last night at the lovely Haile resort in Awassa (southern Ethiopia) But the adventure to get here is the real story. We woke up to pancakes and smooties and Morning Coffee Guest House, and, of course, coffee! And not just coffee, Ethiopian Bunna. Lovely. We were able to reunite with our friends Sibilu and Helina and their BEAUTIFUL children for a bit before we headed out to another friends wedding (with a stop for a macchiato on the way).

We met Yoseph on our first trip to Ethiopia. He works for Yezelalem Minch, one of Bethany’ partners here). In subsequent trips, Yoseph has always been a big part of our work so we got to know him well. Last summer, he told us his big secret, he was engaged! (these things seem to be kept secretive here). We promised to keep his secret and low and behold, his wedding was on Sunday! We were able to attend part of it.

The wedding went like this. We went to Yoseph’s family’s home and sat outside in tight rows of plastic chairs in the yard. Yoseph arrived in his tux, and we all stood and cheered and “lalalalalalad” for him. Then he went in the house and we waiting a big. His uncle came out and prayed and then we all ate. We walked through the house in a line and got food and then back to the yard to eat it. (of course I spilled mine and had to go back through. I avoided the raw meat though). Then Yoseph left to go pick up his bride. We had to leave at that point as well to start our journey, but if we had stayed we would have followed to the brides home to pick her up and then to the church for the (2 hour) service.

The trip to Awassa was uneventful. I love this drive as the road leads you through the savannah of Ethiopia, banyan trees, cement round homes with straw roofs, more cows on the road than cars and small towns with boys playing fooseball on the side walk.

We were listening to the big futball game on the radio. Ethiopia vs Sudan for a place in the Africa World Cup. Ethiopia had not had this chance in 32 years. When Ethiopia won, the car went wild but so did the streets. Cars honked and blinked their lights, people were cheering in the street and groups of children and teens ran through the street chanting and holding flags and banging on cars with joy. What a moment to expereience!

No pictures today, not enough time to upload. Off to breakfast and then training!


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