misread signals

“You have to laugh at yourself, cause you would cry your eyes out if you didn’t” ~Indigo Girls

Leaving Ghana was an experience for me. I had a few, lets say, incidents. First in the van on the way to the airport. We were in a van and I was leaning againts the window talking to Jill who was looking out the window behind me. She pointed and said “oh, look” in a sweet calm voice. So in the split second it took me to turn around I anticipated looking out into the distance at something…

Instead I turned around and plastered to the window were two children, faces only. One on the shoulders of the other. I can not explain what happened next. I do not know where the terror came from, but I screamed. Loud. And for a long time. I bolted from my seat and dove for the door. Jill had to put her arm out to stop me. When I finally calmed down, I was shaking and crying. It took hours before I felt somewhat normal. And to top it all off I terrified that poor kid. And I cannot imagine what our driver thought!

So the next incident that happened may have resulted from my dizzy and somewhat shut down emoational state. We were going through security in the airport. My luggage went through and I walked through the dectector. As soon as I walked through, a Ghanian security guard raised her arms. “Wow” I though! She is proud of me for clearing security! She knows I have been shaken up. So I went in for the hug. As I wrapped my arms around her I felt her arms patting me down. Not hugging, patting. She was patting me down to make sure I was not carrying anything. She raised her arms to show me what I should do. She said, well, If you need a hug, I can give you one…The other security guards went from shocked to hysterical. I walked away with my head down.

I think a few people in Ghana went home that night with good stories about a crazy white girl…


One thought on “misread signals

  1. Love the face. Love the stories. Miss you, Sarah. Can’t wait to see you on Monday. Hope you are enjoying your reunion with your family.

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