Work and Play

>a href=””>We got to sleep in a bit this morning. We did not have to leave until 9:00 a.m. But our nice hotel staff knocked on the door at 6:15 with our instant coffee…Every morning we have been here we call for coffee about the same time…so he was just anticipating our need. Love the thought. But with our extra time, we were able to watch the season premire of Vampire Diaries on 8 different 5 minute YouTube clips. I know, pitiful, but we all have our vices…

Our first stop was a Government run orphange. There are 2 very special girls there that the care givers and Bethany staff have become very attached to. We offered to meet them so that we could advocate for them better. Both are sweet girls. Both need special parents. We also met a premie who had been there for 3 weeks. She was so so tiny, but had made great progress. They assigned her 1 full time caregiver who had no other children. That is a great ratio : )

<<emThe orphange was on the coast so on the drive there we got to see glimpses of the ocean. It was a poor community, much different than the big city. The traffic was insane and we had to battle people trying to sell us everything form extension cords to neckties, to babyshoes to mops, to dvds, to jewelry. We decided on KFC for lunch. The first and only American chain I have seen in Ghana.

We enjoyed our lunch and then headed to the market. It was crazy tiny little stall in a huge building. Fabric, jewelry, purses, paintings, and every person begging us to come in. It was very expensive so we quickly purchased a few things and fended of lots of people saying “We have NO money!” No one believed us. While waiting for a few things to be taken care of we got in a converstaion with some vendors about America. Of course they are convinced America is the greatest place ever. I tried to talk to them about how expenses are high and we work like crazy, but they did not want to hear it. They wanted to know about crime and clubbing and weather and vacations and anything they could think of. After another LONG drive back, we had a small dinner at the hotel and packed.

Tommorrow is a travel day to Ethiopia and then another week of work (and a little play) Internet is never good there… I hope we are lucky!


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