Around the world in 24 hours

We have made it to Accra Ghana… Did you know that it is super close the equator? We are on the closest land to the center of the world.  It’s does not help with my vanity problem 🙂

the trip was pretty easy, 4 hours in Chicago we met some really fun and investing people, one from Canada, one from Mexico and then a large group of retires headed to Europe for a river cruise on the Danube…

we then had a lovely flight to Frankfort with an abundance of leg space and a very nice couple across from us who had a very cute baby.  We also had, what Jill likes to call, a “joy stealer” behind us who gave lots of dirty looks and made a lot of under the breath comments about everyone and everything.  The movie selection end sucked so we watched New Girl and tried to sleep.  Germany, or rather the Frankfort airport, was less than impressive.  I got yelled at by a security guard for standing too close to Jill.  They also had NO vegan options, but they had every kind of bratwurst you can imagine.  The flight to Accra was a tight 6.5 hours with better movie choices, but no room at all.  We cruised through customs, met our host and country director Kojo “joe” and hit the road.  

The streets are busy, but there are lots of defined traffic lanes as well as traffic lights.  Whenever you stop women with baskets of fruit on their heads walk by trying to sell to the cars.  It is muggy and in the high 80’s, our hotel seems nice, they are making us dinner right now and then STRAIGHT to bed.  Out taxi arrives at 5 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To bring us to a castle tour and a wildlife park.  Monday we go to some orphanages and Tuesday meet foster families, train on we’d and Thursday, consult on Friday and fly to Addis Saturday.

for all you vegan travelers out there, it was not easy… No options at all!  I hope to post pictures and stories of our adventures through the week!  So for now, goodnight from Accra!,


3 thoughts on “Around the world in 24 hours

  1. What a whirlwind – Glad to hear you made it safe! Good luck on the rest of the trip (b/w training and finding some decent food! 😉 )

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