Leaving, on a jet plane

What a week it has been. I have learned a lot about myself and how I handle loss of control and stress. Cause, I will admit, my life is pretty easy. I do not have a lot to stress about and I don’t often have to totally let go. It started on Friday, when I was in Florida on vacation and got a frantic text from my co-worker saying we need visas to get into Ghana and the only way we can get them is to fed ex them to the embassy in DC and hope for the best. So, with the help of a dozen people the fed ex package went out, with passports and $$$ and applications. I was working out of a business center in the hotel and texting from the line to get on dumbo and Space Mountain. The package arrived Monday and we called to see if they would turn it around in the promised 72 hours. They embassy was “hopeful”. We were instructed to “call back tomorrow”. Well this calling went on Tues, Wed and Thursday and we were put on hold, transferred and ignored. Emails, voice mails… NOTHING was returned. The hope was they would be mailed out on Wed to arrive Thursday… our flight leaves at 3 on Friday. Wed came and went, nothing was sent, nothing was proceed. Finally, at 2:58, I made on last call. The woman answered! She said “Hello! We are closed!” I said: “Please don’t hang up, please don’t transfer me, please can you help me??????!!!!!” So I spelled my name 15 times as well as Jills. I was put on hold 10 times. She kept saying “My time is done, I am leaving!” Finally she confirmed my visa and passport were in the “pile” to go out today. She knew NOTHING about Jill’s. She hung up. I figured it was hopeless. At 4:45 I was waiting a school to get Hanna from choir and I thought I will check the fed ex status one last time. And guess what. It said “PICKED UP!” I frantically called Jill who confirmed the same. The passport and visas are predicted to arrive at 10:30 on Friday morning. We need to be to the airport no later than 1:00.

That.Is.Close! So, it is Thursday night, I have gone through a crazy cycle of emotions this past week and I am sure there is a lesson for me in here somewhere, but I am not able to figure that out now. I have NOTHING packed, I have NOTHING ready and I have a 7 year old freaking out over math homework. (Anyone know 11-6? It is stressing her out)

I also realized what an amazing group of encouraging and supportive people I am surrounded by everyday. Who I am that I deserve this life? A great family, friends, an awesome job with amazing opportunities like this, health… I know it is a bit sappy, but I have spent the week trying to find perspective and my visa problem is MINOR in comparison to a dying child, a lost job, and other things that people around me are dealing with. In the big scheme of things, we would have been able to do this work at some point, even if we did not leave tomorrow. Or someone else could have done it just as well as we can. Which is easy to say now… that my visa is in the mail.

So if this week is any indication of what this trip is going to bring, you all will have some great entertainment at my expense! I hope to be able to blog while I am gone, but if not I will keep track of everything and upload when I am back for those of you interested.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Abby managed to finish her math homework and 11-6 is 5.


2 thoughts on “Leaving, on a jet plane

  1. Sounds like you will breathe a huge sigh of relief when those plane wheels take off tomorrow. Enjoy the difference you will make to people around the world. Safe travels, friend.

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