Operaton Beautiful and The Red Dress Project

A while ago I stumbled into this blog and was inspired. The idea is random acts of “self esteem boosters”. I went out and bought sticky notes and a sharpie and carry them with me at all times. I have left “You are beautiful” notes at work, at Target, at Platte River National Forest Campground and Kohls. I have made sure my kids helped me with a few. It is so fun sneaking out of a bathroom wondering who is going to see the message and maybe, feel good.

I also stumbled up this blog and think she is the funniest most real person I want to know and I look forward to every new post (be warned, she has the mouth of a sailor). Today I found this post about The Red Dress Project and was full of happiness and hope for humanity. I appreciate that Jenny talks about her struggles, her randomness, her joys, her fears, and that she can just be herself. And that she can also encourage others. Oh, and she talks a lot about her cat. Which makes me feel better about talking about my cat.

Be encouraged faithful readers and share the joy!


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