Hiding in the bathroom

I am on vacation, with the family, and there are 7 adults and only 6 people can play settlers, so I graciously am sitting out to give someone else a chance to win. So that puts me on the super comfy couch catching up on my favorite blogs:
Oh She Glows
Daily Garnish
and my new find and new favorite: The Bloggess

The Bloggess was talking about how she can have anxiety and when she is on book tours, she hides in bathrooms. Been there, done that.

About 12 years ago, I was asked to have an information table set up at a Church during a women’s breakfast. The topic was adoption. They also wanted me there in case people had adoption related questions. Tables are a wonderful thing, they send the message “I was asked to be here. I am here if you need me. I have information, I have answers. I am not one of you so I do not have to participate. If I stay here behind my table, then I can not be judged.”

When I showed up that morning with my latte and scone and box of materials, I looked for my table. It was nowhere. I found my contact. I asked her where I should set up. “Oh no! You do not need to set anything up! Just join us for breakfast and the speakers. If anyone has any “process” questions during the morning we know you are here. Please, help yourself, enjoy, sit at a table” She leaves with a gushy smile.

I soak in my surroundings. About 30 women, all who seem to know each other are filling up plates and coffee cups and finding seats at round tables. I go strait for the bathroom. I lock myself in a stall, sit on the commode and enjoy my scone and coffee in peace.

Only when I KNOW the presentation has started do I sneak in the back and slide in an empty table in the back. There were no questions for me that day. There was no table. There was just me, in a bathroom stall drinking coffee and eating a scone.


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