Pet Peeves

I have a few little ones, like waitresses saying “How are we doing” and people who don’t go the speed limit or people who pass me when I am going over the speed limit and give me a dirty look. Lateness bugs me. And when a t.v. is CONSTANTLY on, but no one is watching it. I should note that open drawers and cupboards do not bug me, nor does a pile of unfolded clean laundry or a late library book, but I am getting way off the subject here…

I have two big ones I want to address here…

1. I can’t. Guess what, you can. Tell me you won’t or you don’t want too. But you can. “I can’t do this by myself”, “I can’t lose weight” “I can’t exercise” I can’t get up in the morning” “I can’t learn this”. I can say this because I was the BIGGEST I can’t”er” ever. I could NOT write a paper or pass a math class or get my Master’s Degree. I could NOT run a 5k or do Zumba or backpack for 5 days. I could NOT lose weight, give up meat, give up dairy and eat healthy and try new foods. I could NOT speak in public or travel to other countries… but guess what. I did write lots of papers, pass my math classes (thanks mom and dad) and get my Master’s Degree. I did run 3 5k’s and took a Zumba class and go on a few backpacking trips. I lost weight (and gained it and lost it and gained it and lost it..) but recently lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for almost a year. I gave up meat (meaning Wendy’s bacon cheeseburgers and Arby’s roast beef) and dairy (meaning frosty’s, jamocha shakes, and pizza and mozzarella sticks). And I eat things I have never heard of like Quinoa, and wheatberries and Kale and Chia seeds. So don’t tell me you can’t, because you can.
2. “Like if you” This may be the reason I give up facebook, which would be a serious deal cause I am addicted. But I can not handle these statements. Picture this: a photo of a baby monkey playing with a baby lion and a baby jaguar and a baby bunny, with a caption that says, “Like if you want to find a cure for cancer” Or a picture of something else completely random that says “Most of my friends won’t like this… but if you are my true friend hit like”. Most of them are about Jesus. “Like if Jesus loves you” “like if you love Jesus” Basically you are saying: if you don’t like this picture/statement/quote… you want everyone to die of cancer, you think they don’t like you and they certainly don’t love Jesus.

And I feel better already….


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