Lessons from Taylor Swift and 28th Street

It has been hot these last few weeks. Which means we have been in search of water any free second of our days. As it happens, my parents house, with awesome pool is about a 30 minute car ride to the east and Lake Michigan is a 30 minute drive west. Which means we have been in the car. Alot. And if you are in the car with kids, there are often some good conversations.

One trip involved listening to Taylor Swift. Johanna was following along with the lyrics in the cd cover (most likely the last cd we bought as everything is now downloaded, which makes me wonder where we will get lyrics and then I remember about this think called the World Wide Web, that may help me out with this). First she wanted to know what the word “intuition” meant. Next she was asking about “chemistry” and finally wanted to know about Angelina Joile. Why Taylor Swift is singing about Angelina is beyond me, but I choose to focus on her “save the world phase” as opposed to her “I am married to Billy Bob Thorton and carry his blood on my next phase”.

Next this almost 10 year old responded to something I said about being “over” their fighting: “We’re all over you metaphorically and literally” Seriously child? I am pulling you out of school. You have to through all this smart stuff at me? I can’t even enjoy the stars with out a lesson about black holes, the rotating earth and other scientific stuff. I just like sparkly things o.k.!!!!!

Then Abby jumped in. She noticed a sign for a Chinese restaurant. “Mom look! It is a Chinese restaurant! There are two of them, one by our house and one here! People really like Chinese food” (and about 20 bazillion more on 28th street alone, but I am glad your excited…)

Moments later she saw a building holding 2 restaurants: Little Ceasers and Indian food. “Look mom! That Little Ceasers has Indian food, Dad will like that!

And then, randomly, “Mom, someone owns an ice cream truck and the truck says ice cream and has lots of colors. They drive it down the street and yell ice cream!”

And Hanna chimes in: “Mom, why do you have to dress up for work? Why don’t they wear overalls?” Then Abby says “Yeah, or dress up like dancers!” and then Hanna again…”or like Elvis!, Mom, who is Elvis????”

I may need a break from the car…


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