Ever have one of those weekends that you made the most of every second? That was my weekend. Camp fires, good wine, farmers market, hammock, picnic at the lake, Allegan antique market, dinner and a movie with my kids and husband….Total bliss. Total contentment. And for a girl who struggles with contentment, that is an extra special gift. The weekend gave me ample opportunity to totally relax and enjoy every moment, but there was something that gave me some fuel for good deep thinking.

It came in the form of the new Disney movie Brave. Now I will admit I love a good prince/princess Disney love story (Tangled and Enchanted are my current favorites) but Brave brought me some lessons that are just as important as falling in love with a stranger you just met while singing about it. Brave was about compromise. Brave was about looking beyond yourself and understanding how you fit into the world. Here is Merida, this lovely wild princess who wants wind in her hair while she chases her dreams. She wants freedom from tradition and rules and decorum. But she learns that even if she follows her heart and does what will make her most happy, others will get hurt.

This is something I often struggle with. When can I chase my dreams and when can I find contentment where I am in life? When do my choices hurt others more than they help me? When do my choice hurt me more than they help others? What a balance… But an important balance. And as I sat and watched my girls watch this brave girl, I was happy. I was happy they have a fake cartoon character to learn a lesson from. I was also inspired. That I can make that fake cartoon character real for them. I can teach them these lessons as young ladies, instead of muddling through it myself as an adult.

So Cheers to Merida:
“When the cold winds are a blowing
and the sky is clear and bright
Misty mountains sing and beckon
lead me out unto the light
I will ride, I will fly,
chase the wind and touch the sky”
Have a listen…
Touch The Sky


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