A few randoms

It is been another long stretch of blog neglect. I suppose this is why I am not one of those people who blog for a living and have advertisers on their site…But I am open to taking money if anyone wants to give me more incentive to get my crazy brain out there on the internet…

It is just a random tuesday and I found I had a minute and just felt like writing. I have had a icky cold for about 100 days (well really 10, but when you have a cold in the summer, that extra zero feels necessary.) So between blowing my noses every 12 seconds I have been working way too much and way too hard. Which is always good in the long run cause that means more people are interested in adoption and more children will have families!

I also got a new Iphone (a work phone), which turned into a week of total addiction to apps, constantly available internet and also may have contributed to my working too much and too hard. It is just cooler when you are approving time sheets and expense reports on the beach!

The phone also has this new (to me) app, Instagram, which has been a fun way to take pictures. I know most of you have been using this for about 10 years already (yes, I know, another extra 0) but I love it. We have one of those great big cameras that are lovely for major vacations, but not easy to slip on your purse for every day use. So here is what I have been “focusing” on (good one huh?!!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My final luxury has been good, old fashioned, reading. I had enjoyed some reading on my Ipad, which I have to admit was hard to do outside while wearing sunglasses…So when I went to sign up the kids for the summer reading program (i.e. I take them to the library the first week of summer, we slowly lose all the books, we never make it back to put names in the prize boxes and abby is horrified that she does not have a 6 foot tall and 6 foot wide teddy bear) and I got a couple of good old fashioned summer reading books. You know the kind you can read in a day and take place in places like Nantucket…

So I supposes while I am thinking of this, I should round up the books and the kids and see if I can avoid a library fine.


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