Just a regular Thursday night…

Just a few random things today…

1. Driving in the car we pass a sign that says so and so is running for Republican office. So Johanna wants to know what Republic means. So I do my best to talk about Republicans and Democrats and all that good stuff. Somehow that turned into helping poor people. So Johanna said “if I am rich someday I will give half my money to poor people”. Then Abby chimes in and says “If I am rich I would give 30 dollars to every poor person so they could buy things” Precious girl : )

2. There is a new Real World that I just noticed on Hulu Plus… I thought I would check it out for old times sake. It’s really stupid. I mean REALLY stupid. I despise reality television… I feel like they want you to believe all of it is real, yet producers are manipulating everything to make the audience feel… well…lame. Just like when you look at the airbrushed pictures of models that we all aspire to look like. I prefer good old fashion fairy tales with magic and stuff that you KNOW are not real. And I always appreciate a great vampire story…

3. There are 2 movies coming out that I am super excited about and just heard about today

Les Miserables


4. Tonight I sat under a quilt and had a cup of decaf Italian Roast Starbucks Via and a Kasshi dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookie and those simple pleasures made me so happy.

5. At lunch today we got to talking about frogs and being afraid of them and I had to retell this story…

And I think now I will eat supper and go to bed.


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