It’s all fun and games until….

Last weekend was my aunt’s 60th birthday. She wanted to celebrate big time so off we went to Disneyland! And since we live in Michigan and Disneyland is in Florida, we had to take a plane ride. I don’t mind flying, I used to be terrified of it, but I do it enough now that I can handle it. I also know the speal from while boarding the plane. “The plane is full, you may be asked to check your luggage. If a flight attendant tags your luggage it will go under the plane and you will get it at your destination…” I was one of the first people to load so my luggage was not an issue. I also was able to sit and watch people struggle to put their luggage in overfilled compartments.

Then something fishy happened. A man shoved his larger carry one bag into the very first available compartment right behind first class. He quickly started walking down the isle. There were a few customers after him and then a flight attendant came charging through. The Flight attendant clearly knew someone had snuck by with a tagged bag. He kept yelling, “If your bag was tagged it can NOT be stowed in an over head compartment!” The guilty man looked straight down and did nothing. The flight attended then announced this rule over the intercom reminding us that it is an FHA violation to put a tagged bag on the plane. Finally he started opening every overhead bin and looked for the stowaway suitcase. He found it and with an evil smile on his face took it out of the bin and sent it under the plane.

I will admit, I was happy. That guy did not get away with his cheating. He tried to break the rules and he was caught. HA! (I should stop here to say I think following rules is essential. Always. Everyone should follow rules with the exception of me, sometimes, with the rules of my choosing.)

Mid way through this 4 hour flight, I realize I have to go to the bathroom. My seatmate has been sleeping on and off and I do not want to disturb her. The seat belt light has also been on a lot due to turbulence. But, my seatmate woke up and I could not wait a second longer. I have flown enough to know that people get up to use the bathroom when the seat belt light is on so I just go for it. I am in the front of the plane and the bathroom is in the back so I stroll down the isle. This does not make the rule following flight attendant happy. He gets on his intercom and says “Reminder, there is no getting out of your seat when the seat belt light is on!” I keep walking. He gets back on the horn and says “THAT MEANS YOU MADAME!” I am so close, I could reach out and touch the bathroom door. I peak around the corner and say to the other flight attendant “Can I please just use the bathroom?” She gives me a dirty look and says “I can NOT give you permission to do that!” I take the walk of shame back to my seat, tears burning my eyes.

I complain to my party about what a jerk that flight attendant is and how I can not believe how insensitive he is and why would he be so rude! Such a bully! And my aunt asks “wasn’t that the same guy you were so happy about earlier because he enforced the rules?”

Dang it.


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