Polictics as usual

I am an eternal idealist and optimist.  Always and with everything.  So when I start thinking politics, I think about it through optimistic eyes.  I have my moments, when I realize that politics are politics and that Washington is just snowing us all and scratching each others backs and it is all about who has the most money and I check out for a while…. But then these issues come up, and they are so close to my heart, and I have to believe that something can happen to change thing!

I often joke I boarder on socialism and I do.  I love to think of a world that takes care of each other.  Not because something is fair or not fair, but because we are human beings who respect each other.  Isn’t that pro-life?  I think so.  We go so out of our way to protect lives of the unborn, we find money and services and newsletters and billboards, yet once these kids are born, we decide they are lazy and need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get a job.  (a bit of a generalization, but I am kinda shaking mad right now so work with me here…) Something is just missing here.

But I can not really vote socialist, or a green party or any of these other things because our broken system (yes, I do think the system is broken that is why I think in idealist and optimistic terms only) and we don’t get a lot of choices.  So I am a democrat, and I agree with democrat values and principles.  I like our president.  Does he make mistakes? Yup.  Does every democrat, socialist, green party etc make mistakes?  Yup.  Just like every other person in every affiliation out there…

But despite this cynicism, I can not help but be happy when our president makes a statement supporting equality, for example getting rid of the “Don’t ask don’t tell” nonsense or making a statement supporting gay marriage.  These are matters that mean a lot to me (Me, I said, you don’t have to agree, you can write your own blog about why you don’t agree, this is MY blog so I can voice my opinion and you have the choice to stop reading when ever you want).

What is interesting to me is how upset I can get, when someone messes with my belief system.  I am the first to admit that we all have the RIGHT to our own values, beliefs and opinions, but man, when I feel strongly about something, I can not let it go.  And I feel strongly about respect, equality and social justice.  I feel strongly about freedom of religion.  I feel strongly about every aspect of pro-life (the life of all people, not just the unborn).  I feel strongly about politics not being politics, and giving up hidden agendas and billion dollar campaigns.  I feel strongly about every child’s right to a well rounded education including the arts. I don’t care about money.

Processing this all here, I think it all comes down to respect.  If we respect each other, we can do so much.  We can help so many, we can work together for change.  We can care for each other.  But all of this may be moot because I know I am not going to change my mind about these passions so I am not likely to change others to agree with me.  No matter how much respect we have, we are still going to disagree on so much!  Vicious cycle isn’t it!

So I think what I will do is start my own country and we will all sit around a campfire singing kum-ba-ya and wait for the time when politics take over, as I know they always do, and give this same idealist respect speech…


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