There is a need

You all know I have a few passions… children being in families, HIV/AIDS, fistulas, human trafficking, education, and eating wholesome, natural food.  But today I am going back to my roots:  adoption.  This was my first and greatest passion.  Working in this field has taught me so much and challenged me to do so much more.  With out the international adoption experiences I would not have ever thought about the other issues…

Adoption is one part of the orphan care spectrum.  Children who are “orphans” often have parents.  They often have extended family.  Even communities, all who want to support them.  But poverty gets in the way.  So does illness.  And lack of resources, opportunity or education.  So while adoption is an answer to this, there are many other answers as well.  Answers that are better for the child.

Even with the whole world buying into that and providing more education, opportunity, and social services, there will still be children who need homes.  These children though, are not who we think they are.  These children are older.  They are malnourished.  They are delayed.  They have health issues.  They have learning disabilities.  They don’t want to run and jump into your arms and be rocked to sleep.  Do you know how HARD it is to place a 3 year old boy with a cleft lip and palate?  A girl, no problem…but a boy…

Or what about a 5 year old.  A five year old is hard to place… unless that 5 year old has a baby sister/brother….

Or a child who grew up in this country, in an abusive and neglectful and has been in 3 foster homes and 5 schools and is 12.  And is a boy.  And is black.

What about the children with Cerebral Palsey?  Heart disorders? Seizures?  Genetic concerns?  These are the children who need homes.  Who deserve homes.  These are the children who wait.  Who TODAY, at this moment, are in an orphanage or in foster care, who are ready, legally, for a family.

One of my clients once said:  “It is just as wonderful to celebrate your child’s first birthday at 7 years old as it is when they are 1”


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