“Where do you get your protein???????!!!!!!”

When being vegan comes up in conversation, there are always a slew of questions….

“Don’t you miss meat?” (Or cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs…)  No, I don’t miss it.  If I did, I never would have lasted more than a week!

“How do you find things to eat?”  What many people don’t realize is that they eat vegan snacks, meals, side dishes all the time…Plus with vegan eating, I have learned about so many new, flavorful, amazing foods, spices etc that I now crave.  My husband is in the kitchen making brown rice and curry,  There are wheatberry and quinoa recipes galore, I can bake pretty much anything I want and I often have a piece of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine.  Type “vegan” into google and the options of recipes will be endless.

“So you don’t wear leather or any animal products for shampoo make up etc?”  Well, here is where I am a fair weather vegan.  I am a vegan in food only.  I truly do not have much interest in animal rights.  Animals are, well, animals.  Yes, I think they should be treated more humanly and be able to graze, peck, roll in spacious areas and eat food they were meant to eat, but where I really get bothered, is putting these inhumanly raised animal and animal products into my body.  In my research, the animals and products we put into are body are full of chemicals, fake stuff, stress hormones and more chemicals.  I don’t want that in my body.  Also, eating as a vegan, has allowed me to feel wonderful, drop 60 pounds, have lots of energy.  Why would I want to give all that up!?!


“Are you going to lecture me on what I eat?” No, I could care less, eat what you want… I will answer questions, I will share things I learn, but vegan eating is not for everyone.  I  do find it a bit humorous that so many people will do insanely crazy diets (shakes, low carb, low fat, low calories, those diets where you eat frozen food delivered to you that is chalked full of preservatives) with little success yet they are the same ones who freak out when they find out I only eat things like whole grains, cane sugar, lentils, brown rice, fruit and veggies. There is really no arguing with that!

But the most common question, asked with the most shock and horror is the following: “How do get enough protein????”  Here is my soap box on that one.  First of all, the meat industry and other meat promoting people have brainwashed us all to think that meat is the only way to have protein.  It’s not.  Just like milk is not the only way to get calcium.  These same people also train us to believe we need a lot more protein than we really do.  Protein is important.  Just like calcium, complex carbs, vitamins, and so much else!  But protein is alive and well in my diet.  Everything I eat has some protein in it, cereal, almond milk, flax seed, fruit, veggies, almonds/walnuts etc.  Then start looking at lentils, beans, brown rice… which I have in at least one meal a day and I am golden!  If I am on the road or am not sure what I can eat where, I can always bring a protein drink or bar, but, just like everyone else there are days we do not get everything we should have in our diet..

Lets look at today… I had a total of 53 grams of protein.

Breakfast, cereal and almond milk= 5

Snack, almond bar and smoothie=11

Lunch, (I did not bring a vegan dish to the meal at Easter dinner, the only option was corn so I just skipped it all, I should have planned better) = 0

snack, protein bar and triscuits = 12

Dinner, tacos (corn tortillas, avocado, salsa, peppers, black beans)= 20

Snack, cereal/almond milk= 5

Here is what, generally, people need per day:

  • Infants require about 10 grams a day.
  • Teenage boys need up to 52 grams a day.
  • Teenage girls need 46 grams a day.
  • Adult men need about 56 grams a day.
  • Adult women need about 46 grams a day

So fellow vegans, curious vegans and roll your eyes at vegan people… there are the most common questions, with my thoughts.  You don’t have to agree, no one is making you read this so keep doing what makes you happy and works for you and we will all get along : )


One thought on ““Where do you get your protein???????!!!!!!”

  1. Sarah, I am going to print this out and carry copies with me so that when someone asks me that stupid question (I HATE it), I’m just going to hand it to them. And why do people think we’re going to lecture them on what they eat? I’ve encountered people who react as though I’ve converted to some type of cult or unheard of religion. Totally getting sick of it, so thanks for writing this. I love being a vegan, and have you to thank. Never thought I’d crave grapefruit instead of chocolate malts, but i do!!!

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