A story…

See, I'm tall

I am a tall person.  I do not play basketball, or volleyball, or jump hurdles or any other stereotypical things that tall people are supposed to do, but I want to use my God given abilities for good so I embrace my one great talent:  reaching things from high places.

I often get stopped in the grocery store by someone asking me to reach something from them.  I will even see someone reaching in despair and step in with out asking to rescue them.

Once in college, I had a short professor.  He was trying to pull down the overhead projector screen (remember those?) and he was jumping up and could not reach it.  So I stood up from my desk, sauntered to the front and pulled that screen down with out a thought.  I will not waste my tallness!

So all that background is important for what I am going to share next. I was strolling through Meijer with my lovely 2 year old daughter.  I was near the clothing department, most likely teaching my daughter colors through socks or teaching her to figure out percentages through sale prices.  (I am always teaching my children, it brings me joy to see them learn, even the grocery store is a wonderful learning opportunity, especially math)

A women approaches me, she is small in stature and 60 some years old.  She says “Could you help me with something?”  Well of course I think to myself!  I can reach something for this lovely, helpless woman and I can demonstrate to my daughter the joy of helping others.

“I am happy to help” I say, to which she replies: “Can you tell me what size my bra is?” And she turns around and lifts her shirt up for me to find the tag.


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