Each day

Yesterday, on of my great colleagues hosted a lunch and learn training called “breathing through stress”.  I signed up right away.  She is a great wise woman with lots of therapeutic experience and training.   She also has a wonderful personality and spending time with her makes me feel inspired, important and challenged.

So throughout the lunch hour we learned why we become stressed, the choices we have when dealing with stress and then some great coping mechanisms to get through it.  She also shared some great preventative ideas and that is what I want to share with you today.

“Always do something in your day that makes you happy”.  This seems simple enough, but upon thinking about it, I focused and the word DO. Do means I am in control, I have to initiate and make it happen.  There is not waiting on others.  It is a conscious and deliberate choice I have to make.

So I start thinking big.  How can every day I do something that makes me happy?  I can’t go on a shopping spree every day.  I can’t go out for dinner everyday, I can’t take a trip or see a broadway show or Dutch Dance everyday…

So I focused more on reality… and I realized, every day, there is a lot I do that I makes me happy.

1.  I always get up an hour before I have to start getting ready so I can drink coffee while going on facebook, read, catch up on blogs, play sudoku…

2.  I always eat lunch with a great group of people.  No matter what my day is like, lunch always is filled with laughter, inspiration, laughter and great company.

3.  I keep dark chocolate (organic/vegan) in my office and home so if I need a little something I can break of a piece and savor it.

4. I listen to my favorite, pump me up music when I get ready in the morning.  Glee, Wicked, Les Mis, Andrew Peterson, or my mix of theme songs.  If you start the day singing, what could possibly go wrong!

5. When ever I drive, which I do often for work, I have an audio book am listening to.  It is an ultimate luxury!

6. Smoothie, In the past 6 months I have become addicted to smoothies and I have found it gives me an amazing kick.  I can feel the vitamins rushing through my system, waking up my cells, kicking my brain back into gear.

7. And finally, I fight a losing battle. If I do not stay passionate about at least one issue, even if it seems impossible to fight, I lose hope.  If I can not stay involved and educated about the social justice issues in the world and brainstorm about fixing them, even if it is so far reached I have no clue where to start, then I become stressed.  Because if I do not think that somehow, at some time, I can make an impact, well, what is more stressful than that! ”

So, faithful readers, I encourage you to do something simple today for you.  That makes you happy and brings you joy.  Just like writing this blog makes me happy even though now I am running late and now have to rush.  It was TOTALLY worth it.


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