Vegan: where to start?

I became a vegan by accident.  It was a slow process involving lots of research and I never had any intention of my healthy, low cholesterol diet, would result in becoming vegan.  Since I have been posting my weight loss and vegan living on my blog and facebook, I have been getting lots of question.  I LOVE to answer these and could became a professional vegan speaker, encourager, blogger etc… So please ask away!  I am going to work on blogging once a week about vegan living.  I often refer people to other’s blogs, but it has occurred to me that all of the blogs I read are by people who are professional chefs and food bloggers so what they do all day is cook. 

I do NOT cook.  I also do not plan.  Every night about 5:30 I am staring into my cupboards trying to figure out what to eat.  Just like before I was a vegan, but now my cupboards are filled with better choices.  Also, vegan eating can be expensive, so I can not be cooking with tahini and agave syrup 3 times a day.  I am going to blog for the average vegan, the working vegan, the maybe want to eat a few more vegan meals a week, but not go into it full force. 

First I will define what vegan means to me:  No meat, No dairy, No eggs.  Whole, natural foods (aka not processed).  The first thing I look at when reading ingredients is the word “enriched”.  If it is enriched flour it is back on the shelf.  Most store bought foods should also have a small list of ingredients.  I am vegan in my eating only.  I wear leather, I am not at all interested in animal rights (although I feel that animals used for food should be living a lot better and killed a lot more humanely.)  Another thought…I am not against eating meat or dairy, but it is so hard to find, all natural, organic, grain feed, antibiotic free, free rage animal products that I don’t even try.  And if I did, animal products would still be an insanely small part of my diet. 

Here are a few good resources that helped me start

1.)  Food Inc: (Netflix has it)  this is a good place for those who think you need meat and dairy for protein and calcium. 

2.)  Skinny Bitch:  Great and cheap book.  This is what pushed me over the edge.  After I read it, I was done with meat and dairy completely.  If the name offends you just put a sticky not on the cover and start reading.  This book gives you health benefits, but also explains what big business farms do to animals that make you realize what else besides animal you are putting into your body. 

3.)  Internet:  Mostly I read blogs my 3 favorite are Daily Garnish, Oh She Glows and Healthy, Happy, Life.  Also I search a lot of general food websites for vegan recipes. 

If you are thinking about being a vegan or changing your diet, do not make any major changes until you feel you have a handle on what you are doing.  I know for me, when I jump full force into something life changing, I get frustrated and give up.

The next few topics:  stocking your cupboards, dumb questions people ask. 


2 thoughts on “Vegan: where to start?

  1. K I am super excited for this series of posts from you Sarah!! I’m glad you don’t mind talking about it because I get pretty curious! This will be a great way to share your wealth of knowledge with us. Thanks!

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