Dancing in my head…

Since I am spending some of my free time learning the timeless art of Dutch Dancing I have learned that dancing is HARD.  Like really really hard.  But I love it.  It is amazing to go from stumbling over my feet to kicking them in the air.

But there is also a mental element to dancing.  The steps are not just “natural” for me, so I usually fall asleep at night with the following mantra:

“step hop, step  hop, right left right , step hop, step hop, right left right ,step  hop, step hop, right left right ,step  hop, step hop, right left right kick  kick kick  kick kick kick and kick (are you tired yet?) and kick a million more times..left, left right left, point  and left right left, 1, 2, 3 lift, 2, 2, 3, lift, 3, 2 ,3, lift 4, 2, 3 , jump and walk don’t step on toes…it  clap clap clap and and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick and kick  kick  kick kick kick kick  kick  kick, left right left, ….

right 2,3, left 2,3, right 2,3, left 2,3, . right…left…right…left..girls in the middle and right 2, 3, left 2, 3,, right….left…right…left…right 2, 3, left 2, 3, walk to the middle and right 2, 3, left 2, 3, right 2, 3, left 2, 3 right…left…right, left..down up,  2, 3, 2, 3,  2, 3 left , jump 1,000 times, turn around and run around and jump a few more times just for fun.  Do some super sweet spinny moves that make me look like a totally awesome dancer, but almost made me cry trying to do them, oh and don’t step on any toes..

All that gets me about 1/2 way through the 3 dances… I could go on, but don’t want to give away all my secrets : )  By the end of next week, barring any likely injury, I will know the 3 dances.  The rest of the 2 months of practice?  Fine tuning it all.  I mean how embarrassing if I toe instead of heal, or put my right hand above my left.  I will make the Dutch proud  (well the Dutch who were alive in the 1800’s…)

I hope you all have Tulip Time on your calendars for May 5-12.  It will be SPECTACULAR!!!


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