I have a problem with anger.  It usually shows up when I can not figure something out or do something right.  For example, the other night at Dutch Dance practice, I could NOT figure out a few moves.  I thought I had it down, when we did it slowly with out the music, then the music started and I literally just STOOD there.  Everyone else was spinning, grape-vining and sliding around the room and I was standing in one spot trying not to cry/yell/stomp out and quit entirely.

It is just a regular cozy night in the Zuidema household, a game of Rummikub, some Super Mario Bros and a little bit of harrassing the kitten when Hanna decided to finish her homework.  Math.  4th grade Math.  I did not even understand one simple tiny question.  I realized that there were questions and each question had words and numbers in it, but what those words say and what they had to do with the pictures of triangles… I have NO idea.  And I have a Master’s Degree.

Lucky me (and Hanna), Josh is home and was able to help her.  So he was reading the questions out loud and both of them are having some trouble understanding how to figure the problem out.  So this is what I hear: “Write the letter name of the scalene triangle” and “Which figure has 90 degree rotational symmatry, explain”.  And the best:  “Farida is making a pennant in the shape of a right triangle.  It has a base of 12 inches and a height of 5 inches.  Its other side is 13 inches long.  If Farida cuts the pennant out of a 15 inch square of felt, how many square inches of felt does she have left?  Make a sketch and explain your thinking.”

This gets my blood boiling.  No offense all you math people out there, but what in the WORLD, does this question have to do with anything that anyone will ever need to do in their life.  And I have to sit hear and listen to my daughter think through this and I am angry.

I have the paper in front of me now, I see her answer and I still have no idea how she even began to answer this, let alone get it right.  The more I think about it the more angry I get.  How do people even think these things up?  If you wanted to torture me in some horrible prisoner of war camp, forget all those other crazy cruel forms of torture.  Put a story problem in front of me and tell me when I solve it I can leave.  I will be there forever.


3 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Seriously I am crying I am laughing so hard…this was my whole life in school. I remember in 8th grade the teacher would put up a story math problem at the beginning of each class and I would just gaze out the window and wait for the real part of the class to start. My son is only in Kindergarten but I am totally screwed when this kind of homework comes home. I’ll be in that pow camp right with you…forever!

    • Would those be the Mr. VanKalker years? Cause he did not make it any easier : ) I once got a 20% on a test (FAIL) and studied every night with my mom until the next test. Mr. VanKalker handed the graded test back and said “great improvement” It was a 50% Still a fail…

  2. I can totally sympathize with your frustration towards math homework. I haven’t been able to help Emma in years. We’ve now had to hire a tutor 1 day a week (this week it was 2 days) to help her with 8th grade Algebra. It’s ridiculous. Masters degree and all…math was NOT my thing.

    Here’s to hoping for a stress-free/math-free/dance-free weekend!! Hugs!

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