Pink Ribbons

“I am going to New York for 9 months”  That statement, I am sure, makes you think about Breast Cancer.  This is the newest trend on facebook.  Girls will get a message that tells them how to figure out what city/country they are going to live in for how long and we can’t tell the guys and all of this is to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Breast cancer has sweatshirts, water bottles, t-shirts, marathons, socks….many other things, but they also have garbage cans, football players wearing pink outfits and, drum roll please…. Pepper spray.  Yes ladies and gentleman, you can buy pepper spray that is pink with the little pink ribbon on it.

I think breast cancer sucks.  And I am so glad that there has been so much awareness about breast cancer that many people have prevented it, detected it early and countless lives have been saves.

But here is the deal, can breast cancer share some of the products out there?  Can HIV/AIDS get a trash can?  Can brain cancer get a water bottle?  Can Parkinsons get a football team to dress up for them?  Or heaven forbid can anxiety/depression or any other psychiatric diagnosis at least get the pepper spray? Lance Armstrong, as famous as he is, was only able to get a yellow bracelet…Breast cancer awareness has taught a lot about raising awareness, but I hesitantly say that they are being a bit selfish… Share some products people!  Or, better yet, keep up the good work, but use your awesome marketing campaign skills and launch an attack on a few other cancers, or other stigmatized diseases, like HIV or bipolar disorder…

Michael J. Fox fights for Parkinsons

Katie Couric, Prostrate Cancer

That Quaker Oatmeal guy (with the mustache) educated on Diabetes

Bono focus is HIV/AIDS and he even got a few Product Red items on the market

But event these big names, people with resources at their fingertips as well as money and connections have not been able to do the damage that the little pink ribbon has done.  We got a LOT of problems in the world, share your secrets Breast Cancer people! Let’s keep on fighting and saving lives, for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!!!!!



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