My husband is a Nurse.  Not a male nurse, just a nurse.  (Fact:  there is no such thing as a degree in “Male Nursing”.  Just Nursing)  But being a nurse means some strange hours and while his schedule usually works great for our life and our kids schedule, there are some hassles.  For example, last night.

Josh worked from 2-10 p.m.   He arrived home at 10:30.  It was dark and very snowy with not great road conditions.  He mentioned it was a super slow day with only 2 surgeries and so even though he was on call over night, there should be no reason he would get called in unless there was some crazy emergency.   We talked for a few minutes, where he mentioned he was on call over night,  and headed straight to bed.

At this point, Josh had been home for 15 minutes.  He had just gotten his pajamas on, turned the light off and piled the covers over top of us when the phone rang.  Some lame doctor had booked a non emergent surgery and my poor tired husband had to get dressed, drive the 20 minutes back to work in the snow and dark.  He did not get home until 3 a.m.

But here is the amazing part of this story, and why my husband is so awesome.  We had no coffee in the house and he had promised a baking project with the girls.  When I got out of bed this morning (at 10:30 I might add). There was a brand new bag of Starbucks Verona propped against the coffee maker and a cake mix and frosting on the counter.


My husband, after working 1/2 the night, stopped at Meijer, to make sure his girls could have a good morning.


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