All before 8:30 a.m.

Saturday mornings are precious.  I have never outgrown my desire to sleep in and Saturdays are the only day to really do that.  Not only do I get to sleep in, but I get to wear pajamas, drink coffee and be lazy for as long as I want.  I order to do this, I give my children a lot of “freedom”.

Friday night, before they go to sleep, I remind them, “You can do WHATEVER you want, eat whatever you want, spend as much time playing DS, Ipod, t.v. shows….Just DON”T wake us up.”  They are thrilled… usually when I get up on Saturday I find these two precious girls wrapped in blankets, surrounded by candy wrappers and junk food, watching their 25th episode of I Carly or Fairly Odd Parents and we are all very happy.

Not today.  Today, I was woken up by screaming and crying… Abby comes crashing into my room to say that Hanna would not give her back her D.S. and hit her with the D.S.  I tell Abby to tell Hanna to come upstairs.  I can hear Abby do this and immediately hear a scuffle and a crying Abby.  Hanna makes it upstairs and I send her directly to her room.  Where she bawls about the injustices of life.

After an amazing talk on my part, in which I inspire Hanna to be respectful, kind and giving, we go down stairs.  I make Hanna toast (that she asked for) and Abby a banana with peanut butter (that she asked for) and settled in with my coffee and book.

Within minutes, they were both complaining that they were full, both plates had hardly been touched.  I told them no snacks, no lunch until their requested breakfast was done.  And the complaining begins.  After a few minutes, Hanna shows me an empty plate, “I finished it Mom!”  I just had this feeling so I said “What would happen if I looked in the garbage?”  Her face fell.  I told her no snack, no candy, only lunch and dinner.  She starting bawling about the injustices of life.

And as we are discussing this and I am dealing out the consequences, Abby appears saying she finished her breakfast.  So, I look at her and say “What would happen if I looked in the garbage can?”  You guessed it.  So here it is, 8:20 in the morning and I have 1 girl with a day of no media what so ever and two girls with no snacks or treats all day and a garbage full of perfectly good food.

Anyone want to babysit?


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