Not sure what to write about today… it feels like we do three days worth of activiites in one day so it becomes difficult to process everything, so facts is what you are going to get.

The morning began with a lovely breakfast on the patio of the lake with about three wait staff assigned to our table. Vegan note, I had a fresh mango, pinapple and papaya smoothie for breakfast YUM.  It is so easy to be a vegan here becuase the orthodox people fast which means no animal products which means every place has many vegan options.

We thought about seeing the hippos, but it was windy and wavy and time was short so we ended up just doing the monkeys.  Which really means, going to a beautiful park and letting monkeys jump out of trees onto your shoulders.

The trip back to Addis too about 6 hours.  We talked, we napped, we laughed, we prepared for our training.  The highlight of the trip was seeing a herd of camels, really, hundreds!  We stopped to take pictures, but the crazy camel owner came running towards us with a huge knife.  We moved down the road again and commenced picture taking until another man came running.  So we gave up.

Now back in Addis we are staying up to late to connect with home when we should be sound asleep so we can work tomorrow.  But, what good is a day with out checking in with home?  Not good at all.


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