There is something wonderful about airports. You are in this place with no time, no weather, no country, everyone, no matter how different, is all the the same. We are all going, waiting, tired, hungry. And with this common bond, it is easy to become friends.

There are fun games to play in the airport as well. For example a people scavenger hunt: find the person with the most inappropriate shoes for travel, find the person you would NOT want to have to sit next to. Or guess what country someone is from.

We also met a couple fun people on our flights. We met an Olympic runner for Ethiopia who will compete in London in 2012. We met a nice man from Turkey who we talked to for hours about Turkey, culture, careers….

We flew over Cairo… This was amazing. To think all that is happening there right now. It was all below us under the lights of the city. Even to be in Africa, where all of these changes are happening. It is so cool to be so close to so much change.

All this being said, I am NOT looking forward to getting on board the flight in a few days…


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