Away we go!

You would think on my third trip to Ethiopia in less than three years, some of my excitement would be lost in the long travel days, the 16 hour work days, the risk of malaria and worst of all, the potential for no hot showers.  But, the night before I leave, I am just as excited as the first.  And I think I always will be, no matter where I go and for what reason, I am a wanderlust, and I will always want to go somewhere.  Anywhere.

The best part about this trip is that I get to go back to people I love, places that make me happy and train about a topic I think is essential.  And I may have the manual and I may have the initials behind my name, but I KNOW I will come home being taught more than I could EVER teach.

I was astounded in Eastern Europe, I was fascinated in China, but Ethiopia?  That is where I feel I belong.  That is where my heart feels at home.

And I am excited to have you all “Along for the ride”.  I hope to update daily, but I never count on the internet.  Ever.  I will still write/journal/blog every day, but may have to update sporadically.

So will all of that being said all there is left to say is “Caio for now”!!!!!!


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