The results are in!

Tonight as I was taking out the garbage in the dark cold rain, I grabbed the mail… I was quickly sorting through it, as most of it would go right in the recycle bin, and I noticed an envelope.  A plain white envelope with the Spectrum Health Logo in the stack of mail.  A match to the envelope that arrived 3 months earlier that changed my life. 

I have been working hard for 3 months and yes, I have to admit dropping sizes and pounds have been a wonderful side effect, but the goal was lowering cholesterol. Prolonging my life.  Now, laying in my hands, is the envelope.  I stared at it and then handed it to my husband. He did not show any emotion, and then told it to me straight…

Drum roll please………

“Dear Sarah, I have reviewed the recent test that you had performed.  The tests indicated below are normal.

Last August, my total cholestrol was 220.  Today, it is 149 NORMAL

My triglycerides were CUT IN HALF!

My good cholesterol is still to low so I have to remember my fish oil pills and no more skipping aerobic exercise…

My doctor concludes by saying (and highlighting) “Please let the patient know that her cholesterol is much improved”

I am a Cheerios/Oatmeal commercial waiting to happen! 


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