If you know me at all you may be in complete shock… I have had a domestic day.  I started by hitting up the Holland Farmer’s Market.  I got some gala and honeycrisp apples, kale, carrots and pumpkins for the kids.

Of course the girls had to carve their pumpkins and I thought I would roast some pumpkin seeds.

As I was waiting for the kids to finishing playing I was checking out my new favorite blog Daily Garnish which is a great blog helping me figure out my new vegan lifestyle. (oh, and I did some reading in the sunny driveway)  I enjoy perusing her recipes and found this one:  Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Quinoa which had the ingredient of PUMPKIN SEEDS.  And lucky me, I had Quinoa in the house, as well as all the other ingredients.  (If at this point the post is boring you please read this post or this post or even this post  and even a more recent post to get a better idea of why I avoid the kitchen at all costs)

But today, I conquered it.  I made that Quinoa! And to comply with a request from my friend Deb Gritter, I took some step by step  pictures (I try to comply with all blog requests…)

Now just in case you are a bit disappointed, there was a lot of Quinoa burnt to the bottom of the pan and then there was the fact I was so excited to make this dish I made it and finished it smack dab in the middle of the afternoon.  It did save well until dinner and I enjoyed it with my token smoothie.

And I am sure you want to see the other finished products…


One thought on “Pumpkins

  1. Love it! That looks like the kind of stuff I’ve been eating lately. Did you know that you can get quinoa at Costco for just over $2 per pound? That’s way cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen it. I had a friend buy it for me since I don’t have a membership. 🙂

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