“Tweet”le Dee and “Tweet”le Dum


This is a post about me trying Twitter.  Now to be fair, it has not even been 48 hours, but I am just not getting it at all.  I follow all these great tweeters (BBC, Amnesty International, NPR, Nick Kristof, Huff Post Green, Cory Booker, a supposedly witty and wise adoptive mom).  So at my fingertips I have world news, social justice, adoption issues…)  So I should be getting tons of good information.  Instead, I find, I am getting pounded with constant news headlines, so much so that I will never ever be able to keep up.  And the headlines that they “Tweet” give me so little info I am not sure that I want to learn more.

Then there is this supposed witty adoption lady.  Yesterday, she tweeted her way through the grocery store.  Yes you heard me right.  She took pictures of her grocery cart, the cashier, the products she likes, the products she does not like.  So I open twitter last night and there are about 60 new posts between the BBC and adoptive mom.  And adoptive mom wants you to click on all of her pictures and if you don’t click on the picture you can not really understand the tweet and when you do click on the picture, you think who the heck cares!

So my first impression with twitter was not the greatest.  But as I lay in bed last night I realized it was not the way the news came to me, it is more the concept of Twitter.  I feel like I just opened myself up to allow people to constantly drop their interests, agendas, stories, pictures at my doorstep.  I get flooded with information constantly.  And I like information, agendas, pictures and stories, but I like to be in charge of them.  I prefer to find my news when and where I want to.  I am not so old fashioned that I would actually read the news paper ( I get my news on line), but I prefer the facebook and blog world where you get more.  Where it is more interactive and dimensional.  (Now I now that I can do that with Twitter too, but some how it is just not the same, and do I really need yet another tool for social networking/media?)

I am not going to give up yet, but I am going to change who I follow (giving up news for sure) and see if there is some way I can stay on the twitter band wagon.  But just in case I do, will you “Follow Me” ?????? : )


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