Story of my life…

Since I have so many kitchen disasters, sharing another could be a little mundane… I will try to set it up nicely for you.

The tiny sore spot in my throat just would not go away… “I think it is just a little gland problem” I told myself.  I did medicate, just in case.  Then that little spot felt better and so did I.  About 6 hours later though, it hurt to swallow, and my head felt heavy.  No headache, no fever, just that maybe there was a little bit more junk hanging out there than usual.  I knew I had to head to Meijer after work to get a prescription so I figured I would grab some Zicam and Green Tea and head to the couch.

And I was dreaming about my smoothie.  It is only the best thing in the entire world.  And I knew filling my body with the amazing nutrients of this fruit and veggie goodness would send this tiny hint of a cold running.  It had a been a few days due to a blender malfunction and I was overdue.

I settled the kids in for a quick supper before they headed outside for a night of playing with the neighbors.  I set everything up… My books, my blankets, and put on my p.j’s (flannel and fleece, what is better!)  I dropped in a few ice cubes peeled and sliced my banana, added the 1/2 cup of blueberries and all natural orange juice, dumped in the yogurt (soy, peach), spooned in a tablespoon of flaxseed, peeled and sliced a kiwi and added the final touch, a handful of Kale.  I hit the button and boy did that new blender do it’s job! It sucked the kale to the bottom and chopped it into oblivion (it is best not to remember you are drinking green leafy vegetables), the ice was massacred.  The smoothie was done in seconds.  I poured it into a large glass and filled it to the very brim.  I took my blender, now full of tiny bits of seeds, fruit and tiny green flecks of kale and moved it to rinse in the sink.

And that is when it happened.  The full beautiful glass of  blended fruit did not stand a chance.  The sink, counter and floor were covered with smoothie.  I thought about starting over…peeling, chopping, measuring and blending, but my body just wanted to sit.  So I found a spoon, and slowly scooped, tablespoon by tablespoon my dinner back into its cup.  I managed to fill it about 3/4 full.  I used about a 1/2 of a roll of paper towel cleaning up the rest.

Yes, the smoothie was good, yes, I still filled my body with nutrients, but some how, it just wasn’t the same…


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