Change the World!

Hey faithful readers!  Do you remember these faces????

What about these?


These are children that I have met, that I have touched, that I have watched play and cry and fight and beg.  These are children that often, can not be children.  They are impoverished.  They are hungry.  They may not have an opportunity to go to school.  They many not have an opportunity to take a shower/bath… Because they don’t have running water, or electricity, or a floor.  All they may have is a corrugated tin shack surrounded by other corrugated tin shacks that are shared with chickens and goats.  That is one room with no kitchen, beds, chairs or well really anything. How about a visual again…

But they do  have one thing.  And that is hope, because they are being served by Yezelalem Minch.  An agency that serves families in their community through community members.  They make sure children are able to stay in their families instead of going to orphanages.  They give women skills to work.  They feed children, they teach them skills, give them knowledge.

group activities!

But here is the thing.  Their property is rented.  And is is small.  And the owners raised the rent.  And it is unaffordable.  And these people:

who founded the organization, have big dreams.  They dream of a their own land, where they can provide families with more.  Where they can have more social activities.  Where they can teach more.  Where they can give people a shower.

Margaret Mead once said “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Well, Nesibu and Buritkan were two of those people.  They have changed the world for thousands of children and families.   And another family, touched by their story, gathered more families and started a campaign.  The Future Hope Campaign.  Now you have the chance to be one of those citizens.  You know the ones that change the world?  I know, those are pretty cool people.

But once you decide to be one of those “Change the World” people, you can’t just sit back and wait for others, cause “Change the World” people DO.  (Do is a verb, and a verb means action. Not sitting).  But since this may be your first big “Change the World” moment, I will make it easy for you.  Check out THIS website.  And even better, if you are in West Michigan, come on down to THIS event THURSDAY OCTOBER 13 (with a rain date of October 20)  and if that doesn’t interest you, no worries, I have TONS more issues that you can get on board with…


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