Today was fire safety day at good old Pinewood.  I really love my kid’s school and we made a purposeful move to Jenison because we really liked the school district.  It is smaller, well-rounded, more musical and arts focused as opposed to athletics. (Although this year they did cut a bunch of media specialists which really honks me off).

Tangent:  I want my kids to go to a good school.  I want them to be “well learned”. I want a balanced education.  I am very glad I have the opportunity to live in a good district.  I am glad I could invest time and energy in their learning if I lived in a not so good district and I suppose I could make major financial sacrifices to send them to private school if desperate ( I have some issues with private school, but that is a different tangent for a different post)

Back to the point at hand.  Fire Safety.  When I got home from work Johanna immediately started drilling me (well o.k. after I made her turn off cartoons after yelling her name a million times and forced her to sit at the dinner table).  She told me her homework was to have a fire safety plan including two exits out of the home and a meeting place.  We reviewed all of this.  Then she drilled me on how often I check the batteries of the smoke detectors.  All night she wore her new fire safety bracelet.

And then bedtime came (parents, I think you know where this is going…) The second she wandered upstairs and sat in bed the tears started to flow.  “I am scared!”  “Every time I close my eyes I see fire!”  “I can’t sleep!”  And so on…. A few things to note here.  I could tell she was scared.  I could tell she was anticipating waking up to a fire alarm.  I also know that all fears are exaggerated at night, including mine… There have been many nights I have slept with the light on.  Once (at 6 months pregnant) I even slept on a camping pad in an empty down stairs room because I had convinced myself that a tree was going to fall into my upstairs bedroom.  Night time just messes with us.

So after about an hour of me comforting her and providing her with logic of why our house will not start on fire, she was still scared.  So, this entire drawn out story is really to share with you all that I will be sharing my bed tonight with a freckled nine-year old in order to spare her a horrible night of nightmares.  I may even enjoy it : )


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