Just another day

I have always been a protester of Valentines Day, annoyed by New Year’s Eve and have grown indifferent about many others over the years.  I define them as “High Pressure Holidays”  On Valentines day you are depressed if you are not in a relationship and often have unmet expectations if you are in one.  New Year’s Eve also has that same pressure…You have to be at a party and be kissing someone at midnight.  The world has decided that you can not be alone on Valentines day or New Years Eve and MANY people are going to ask “what did you do?” and if the answer is “nothing” you get that look of pity.

As I start to think about it more, many holidays can have that same effect.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter… They are always harder days when you are away from family or friends, have crappy things happening in life or are forced to spend time with people you really don’t enjoy (not for me, I enjoy all the people I am forced to spend time with).

I feel like I am sounding a little Jehovah’s Witness here, but stick with me.  I am not “knocking” holidays at all, I am glad we have them and we all need them, what gets me is that a calendar is telling me what/who/how to celebrate on a certain day.  If my husband randomly thinks of me and how much he loves me and decides to bring me flowers on a regular day, I like that ALOT more then if he did it on Valentines day, because that is what our culture says.  When some sends me a card “just because” it warms my heart more then when I get a card on my birthday. ( Not that I don’t like cards on my birthday, they are great!  Presents, lunches, cash, brown paper packages wrapped up in spring…)

What I am getting at here is that I want to be more conscience of letting people know I appreciate them in the moment.  Why wait for a birthday?  Why wait for New Year’s eve to kiss the one you love or celebrate the future?  The times I have felt most loved are the random acts of generosity, love and kindness.  The best gifts I have ever received are the ones that are “just because”.

So, with all that being said, it happens to be my birthday to day and I feel so very loved and appreciated and am humbled by all those who took time to say “happy birthday in their own way”.  Just remember to celebrate me all year with lots of cards, gifts, money, flowers, vacations, massages, jewels, fancy dining, tickets to broadway shows, latte’s on my desk every morning, gift cards, did I mention cash and of course flower petals and red carpet every where I walk.

But please, no cake, I am on a diet : )


One thought on “Just another day

  1. Love it!! So much of this rings true for me. I really struggle with “holidays”, particularly the ones you highlighted. I’m a random act if kindness person too! Thanks Sarah!

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