Do you ever have it where your senses connect you to something long ago, or make you remember something good (or bad)?  Whenever I smell Lily’s of the Valley, I am instantly back in Kiev walking the busy streets passing by peddlers selling these lovely flowers.  Or if I smell coffee on someones breath I am back on the brown living room couch with my dad reading stories after dinner while he drank his coffee.

When I hear certain songs, I am instantly transported back to a roller skating party, or my pink tape player in my bedroom on Ballard St.   If I hear James Taylor singing Jelly Man Kelly, I can see my siblings and I dancing in the living room. (WHAT!  You do not know this great song?  If you have kids, it a must, take a second to listen to it.  Jelly Man Kelly.  And if you want to buy the whole album of silly kids songs by famous artists here is a link:  In Harmony )

And then there are foods.  For example, Strawberry freezer jam brings back Grandma Brower.

Tonight though it is music… It actually may have started last night when Josh lit the charcoal grill and for just one second, I smelled a coffee ceremony in Ethiopia.  Now tonight, as I was cleaning my kitchen (I know, surprised huh!) and I had my IPod playing some background music.  This is the same music of some of my favorite artists, that I listened to on a 2 hour car trip to Adama as I got to know some new friends.  We all shared the headphones and I told them about Counting Crows, U2, John Denver and a few other less known artists I have fallen for.

Yoseph and Abraham in the back of the van listening to my IPod

I made them copies of these sound tracks.  Both of them play guitar and seemed to enjoy hearing some great acoustic albums I have.  So tonight, when I put the music on to keep me company while I clean, I started to wonder if my friends were listening to the same music (well o.k., I know they are sleeping now, but roll with me here).  I wonder if they, like me, allow this music transport them back to a van where friendships were built.  To a week where we worked together, black and white, African and Western, privileged and restricted (not sure actually who is the privileged one…).

Meeting in Adama

So tonight, again, I long for Ethiopia.  I long for friends and coworkers, I long to work beside my brothers and sisters there and learn from them.  For the lessons I have learned in 2 short trips to Ethiopia are 10 fold what I ever could teach them.  I will end with one more link for you, a song, that maybe will bring you back somewhere or start a new memory…



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