Heart and Soul

My attitude about food changed the day the envelope arrived in the mail from the Doctor.  Here I though I was getting my vitamin levels and thyroid checked and all of those tested perfect.  It was the very last test of the report that hit me hard.  Cholesterol.  It was HIGH.  In studying further, the levels that are supposed to be low were high and the level that is supposed to be high was low.  With in 5 minutes I was convinced I was about to have a heart attack then and there.  I just kept thinking “I am only 34 (and 11/12ths) and I have not accomplished 90 percent of my goals in life!  There is so much more to do and I need to have lots and lots of years!”  I also thought “What 34 (and 11/12th) year old needs to think about cholesterol… that is for people who are way older than me…”

I spent the evening learning all I could about Cholesterol and how to lower it.  I bought Cheerios and Oatmeal, I took a long and fast walk, I drank lots and lots of water.  And here is the thing… , my health binge?  It has lasted a week!  This is the longest time I have committed to healthy eating and exercise in about 6 years (I still have not lost my baby weight from that 2nd one…  in fact I have gained all my pregnancy weight back and then some..)
I am sad that it took something this big to get me back on track, but it also feels great to be back.  The reason I initially went to see my doctor was because I was exhausted all the time.  I had no energy.  I wanted to blame it on vitamins, but after a week of cleansing my system… I have to admit what I think I always knew, my horrible eating habits, caffeine dependency and lawn chair summer had caught up to me…
So I will try to stay motivated on my journey to “Kick my cholesterols butt and make it run away crying” adventure and see if, in doing so, I can slide back into my skinny clothes…

2 thoughts on “Heart and Soul

  1. We’re right there with you on the low-fat diet changes. Although Chris is as skinny as a bean pole, his cholesterol test came back scary high. I’ve starting reading labels (never ever worried about that before). I’ve been shocked at some of our favorite snacks. Best wishes on this fun life-style journey!!

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