Summer of Sarah and other ramblings

It has been a great summer of vacations, travel, hard work and relaxation.  When I look back to six months ago I can not believe the miles I have conquered!  Here are the past 6 months in review:

April:  Savannah GA (click on name to read previous blogs)

June: Disney World and Ethiopia (Yeah, that was one extreme to the other!)

July:  Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore (camping) and Rehoboth New Mexico (click on name to read previous blogs)

August:  Lime Lake, Northern MI and Grand Marais UP/Lake Superior (camping)

And in case your curious…. Sept, another trip to Disney World (Adults Only, 1/2 Marathon for some, cheer squad for others)

I realize I have only blogged about a few of these amazing places so I will spend some of my next entries as a travel writer and photographer.  Maybe National Geographic will find me and hire me as a travel writer!  Do any of you have any connections?  Well, I can’t hurt to ask…

So It seems this particular blog has little point except maybe to brag a little about the “Summer of Sarah” and to put out feelers for that travel writer job…

Next time I promise something a bit better.  Unless you don’t like to hear about awesome places I think everyone should go to in Michigan, then you may not like it at all.  I will always get back to frustrations of cooking, parenting, exercise and other general domestic things… and if that doesn’t make you happy then I am sure I can drum up some “save the world” soap boxes as well.  And if you don’t like any of that, then I am not sure why you are reading my blog at all.  And if you are thinking of giving up all together I will draw you back in with one more riveting topic:  Cholesterol.  Yup, I have a lot to say about that sometime soon…


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