From Here to There

“Some one here today is going to change everything” ~Seth Godan

Wow.  This was the first line in one of the many inspiration speeches I heard today at the Global Leadership Summit.  I will admit I came with a bad attitude…”how did I get roped into going to this thing anyway!?!  It is a teleconferenced Leadership Summit on a beautiful summer day.   I do not even get to see a live speaker”.  But the second that the tape started rolling I was enthralled.  I took 12 pages of notes on what was being said and in the back of my notebook I took 3 pages of notes of what I am going to do.

And this is only day 1.  I am not sure if I can handle another day…  A while ago, I wrote a blog about how sick I am of sitting on my couch reading about people changing and doing and acting and I was just talking  about doing and changing and acting.  Here are my thoughts from last February:  TRUTH

Today, one of the speakers, said “Passion with out an action is really just a day dream”  BAM, that hit me hard.  I define myself as a passionate person.  And yes, I do have action, lots of action, but still safe action, often job duty related action.  And even when I take a risk, even when I fly across the world or the country to do something big, it is just a first step.  And while first steps are great, and they are faith WITH deeds, they are still only first steps.  How dare I spend 10 days in Ethiopia giving them 1 percent of what I have.  I need to do everything I can to be able to give them more.  How dare I go to New Mexico and give those amazing families 1 percent of my knowledge and resources and not take the next step.

My passions day dreams, started somewhere, with good intentions, but with the wrong motivation… “I want to see the world! I want to be published! I want, I want, I want,  But lucky for me, the selfish motivation I had, become true heart breaking passion.  It became a deep desire of my heart.  My lack of work in the areas of orphans, HIV, and post adoption made me feel empty.  I needed to do more and now it was not for me, but because, to quote Bono, I had “Stopped asking God to bless what what I was doing. I got involved in what God is doing — because it’s already blessed.” and once I took on that attitude, life as I knew it was shattered.

But today, listening to the wise, humorous, inspiring words of Global Leaders, I was reminded again that I can not be complacent.  I have to build an Ark before it rains… I have to move from “Here (comfort) to There (action)”  I have to re-examine the CORE of who I am and pray that my “next 5 years are my BEST 5 years”.

I have to remind myself that failure means I have learned something no one else knows and when I try again, it will be with experience.  I have to BE.THE.CHANGE., Rise up and then reach higher.

And I can do all this by being and artist.  Because and artist works with their heart.  An artist does not prescribe to a job description or follow orders of someone else.  And artist sees something, creates something, builds something, writes something, and then shares something.  And this something is theirs.  Not something they are told to do or have an outline to do, but is done because it is their heart.

So when Seth Goden said “Someone here today is going to Change everything” I though one.single.word.  ME


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