“A few of my favorite things”

My mom and I were talking over vacation about what we can’t live with out.  She wanted us all to do a short presentation on our pick, but we were the only two interested in this so it fizzled.  But, my mind wandered from favorite thing to favorite thing… I figured I better share with you, faithful readers…

The map in my home office

1.  My map.  I have a world map in my office at home and at work.  There are so many reasons to love a map.  It reminds me how big the world really is.  It helps me dream about where I want to go (Top ten list:  Nepal, Istanbul, Patagonia, Greece, Cape Town, Israel, India, England/Ireland/Scotland, Italy, Switzerland).  It is also a great conversation starter.  For example: “What are the top ten places in the world you would like to go?”  Or “Who the heck lives way at the tippy top of Greenland and Russia?”  It is a great piece of art… all the colors and shapes….

2.  Wellspring Flip Note:  This is an amazing little notebook that fits in your purse.  It has a pen attached and has cute designs on the cover.  I have started adding these to birthday presents for my friends cause no one should live with out it.  I like it in the car to write down authors featured on NPR.  I like it in the bookstore to write down names of authors I want to look for at the library.  I write reminders and to do’s.  I have written down Amharic words I do not want to forget and grocery store lists.  You can find these treasures at Barnes and Nobel and I have also seen them at stationary type shops.

3.  Books on tape.  Well not really on tape, but I down load a book from audible.com to my ipod and I have hours of enjoyment.  I drive a lot so it helps make commuting and travel much more entertaining.  It also gives me something to do if I am forced to clean or fold laundry.  I have listened to all the Harry Potter’s (amazing), The Help, Kite Runner and many more.  I found that by listening to books I have already read, I learn much more and am not able to skim over details like usual.

4.  Dove Dark Chocolate.  Sometimes that is the difference between a good day and a bad one.  I prefer to have 2 or 3 of them.  The thing about Dove Dark vs others is that they are the perfect size (one bite), the perfect amount of “dark” and they travel very well.  I take a bag where ever I go and it is one tiny little comfort of home when I have worked a 12 hour day with no electricity and no toilet paper.  (wow, that would be a great commercial pitch huh!) p.s., the one think about Dove I do not like is the corney sayings inside each wrapper…


5.  Cup of GOOD coffee.  The good is important here.  I will not even drink weak, bad, burnt or old coffee.  I would not drink it out of a cheap styrofoam cup.  In fact I prefer something from my Starbucks mug collection.  I don’t like the travel mugs very much unless it is a Starbucks to go cup with the brown paper sleeve.  Again, the styrofoam type to go cups just don’t work for me.  The thing about at a good cup of coffee in the perfect mug is that it is impossible to do anything else for the 10 minutes it takes to drink savor the coffee.  You just have to slow down, relax and pump yourself full of caffeine : )  The other thing about a good cup of coffee is it is often accompanied by good people.  My husband and I in the quiet living room in the morning, my coworkers around the break room table, friends at a coffee shop… or just a book or my lap top.




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