The Lost Sheep

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Rehoboth New Mexico.  There is an old Mission Compound there that has a school, church, dorms, gym, houses and more… A reunion was hosted there for people who adopted from Yezelalem Minch Group home in Ethiopia, the place where I have gone to work the 2 times I went to Ethiopia.  They invited Jill and myself and we were thrilled to go.


The second day we were there, a few hikes in Red Rock state park were organized.  Many of the teens and adults chose the more difficult hike that included scaling canyon walls.  I opted for the Pyramid Peak hike with great views.

Pyramid Peak

Pyramid Peak

The walk up was great.  A few stops to catch my breath, but it gave me a chance to appreciate the amazing views.  Remember, I am a Michigan girl and this was my first trip to the South West.  I had never seen anything like it!  Despite how tired I was feeling, I decided it was worth it to make it to the top.  I had prepared with a big breakfast and 2 bottles of water so I would not get dehydrated.  The only thing I did not have was my bandana (it gives me the appearance of being hard core).

Then it was time to climb down.  This is easy on the lungs, but hard on the legs.  I chose to slowly walk down with my friend Barb.  The other four in the group practically ran.  We lost them after the first switch back, but the walk down was on a marked trail so we kept walking and talking.

A few times we stopped to make sure we were taking the right path, but had confidence on our choice.  We shouldn’t have been so confident.  After a while Barb’s cell phone rang.  “Where are you guys? Are you lost?”  No, we were not lost, we were on a trail.

Chapel Rock

Granted we did not remember being so close to the peak on the next Canyon over, but we were sure it was fine.  We told them where we were and it was decided:  We were lost.  “Just.Stay.Put.” we were instructed so we did.  We enjoyed the view.  We noticed a herd of sheep and goats.


As we determined how we could have gotten lost and felt a little embarrassed for holding up the group we determined our journey was a bit Biblical.  We were lost, surround by sheep and realized the Shepard was coming to find us.  Then, a bush started on fire!  Well, it did not, but it would have been pretty cool.

So Bob found us and decided he knew a great way back that would save us time and walking.  At this point we are physically fine, our water is gone, but we are just climbing down a mountain.  15 minutes tops.

90 minutes later, in the rain, we climbed into the mini van to head back for lunch.  The climb started by navigating through a field of sheep and goats.  We were impressed.  It slowly occurred to me there was no trail.  And a lot of boulders.  We spent a lot of the way down on our bottoms sliding down steep canyon walls.  Hiking through cacti and avoiding barbed wire fences.





The views were SPECTACULAR, but I was thirsty, dirty and hungry.  I was supposed to be teaching a class 30 minutes ago.  By the time we made it back to Rehoboth, I downed about 12 glasses of water, ate two cups full of ice cream (lunch had been put away), rinsed my filthy feet off in a bath tub and started my presentation wearing a dirty t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.


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