Memories and Traditions

I am sitting under the stars tonight remembering my childhood vacation.  1 week at a tiny little cottage on Lime Lake in Northern Michigan.  The starts were always better up there and occasionally my parents would wake us up, walk us down to the lake and we would watch meteor showers.

That was always the best week of the year… hands down.  Every year it would be the same routine, the same sights.  We had to bring the same dolls ( cabbage patch kids), listen to the same music (Beach Boys), drink our 1 can of pop the same way (shaken up and sprayed all over the lawn) and climb the same dune (sleeping bear) and go out for ice cream at the same store (Pine Cone) immediately after.

Of course life gets in the way, drivers ed, jobs, baseball practice and Lime Lake became a memory.  A great memory, but still a memory.  We would still get to N. MI every summer, maybe for a long weekend or a camping trip.  We started adding trips to the wineries in the fall and snow shoeing in the winter.  But we longed for Lime Lake.

On Saturday, we are heading back up for the second annual, second generation trip.  We have found a great place on the same Lake that fits, 2 grandparents, 3 married adults and 6 children.  We have the boat and the fishing poles, the dune and the pine cone are still there.  The music may have changed a bit and we don’t shake our pop any more…but I can guarantee that I will be waking my kids up, walking them out across the lawn and watching for shooting starts.



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