Drop Dead Rich

Permission was granted by my boss Rich to tell his tale…I think he should be a blogger himself, but until he picks it up, I am going to use his stories.

Rich has many fascinations in life.  He likes words and often uses big ones in order to show off his vocabulary, he has a fascination with pirates and mythical sea creatures.  (Yes, I feel secure enough in my job to tease him like this)

Rich, or should I say “Private Rich” has a new fascination… The Civil War.  But wait, there is more… He now belongs to a Civil War reenactment group.   In fact he belongs to the Michigan 3rd Infantry Company F.  Please do not read to much sarcasm into this (yet), because I have to say it is pretty cool.  They wear Union uniforms, practice marching and battling and are very historically accurate.

But there are just a few really amusing parts of the battle process.  For example, during practice, you do not shoot your guns.  You just yell “BANG!”  I picture all these adult men, in uniform, holding guns, but yelling “Bang” at the top of their lungs.

In real battle though, you do shoot your gun, but of course there are not real bullets.  So the question is, how do you know if you die?  Simple, your commander pats you on the back and says: “Die” and you are supposed to fall on the spot.

This particular day of Rich’s first battle was over 100 degrees, so the soldiers were commanded to “die in the shade”.  I do not know about you spectators, but that is not realistic.

I picture Rich "dead" under this tree, drinking lemonade and reading a book

And then MY BOSS is told to die, but decides, against his Commander’s orders, that he wanted to keep on shooting and two other people had just died near him and he did not want to die on top of them, so he would just shoot another round and die a little farther away from the crowd.

I don’t know about you, but I do not think Soldiers in the Civil war had all these luxuries!


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